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General Engineering Training

General Engineering Introduction


Introductory engineering courses are unique to most engineering colleges. They are introductions to a college's unique engineering programs, projects, and tools. Ethics are negotiated. 24 by 7 access privileges are granted. Engineering deals with the unique, one of a kind, never done before. This course is the common, general part of these unique, specialized introductions. There are several innovations in this course that make it different from most other engineering introduction books. The projects associated with this course are in wikiversity. FAQ ... For Students .... For Instructors .... Authors Editors .... ASEE Paper ... video:Why Wiki Part 1 ... video:Why Wiki Part II video:Wikiversity Introduction Engineers Some believe engineers just play with toys. This is partially true. Deliverables Materials and manufacturing costs are usually small compared to shipping, marketing, support and design costs. Design Some believe engineers are jacks of all trades, masters of none. This is partially true. Ethics make Engineering one of the noble professions including Doctors, Lawyers and Preachers

7 hours

118,000 ₹

Engineering Guesstimations


Approximations are deliberate misrepresentations of physical or mathematical things, e.g., Π is approximately 3, an atom is spherical, the drag force on a moving tank is zero. The question is not why do we need them. The most accurate mathematical description of reality is Quantum electrodynamics (QED). Everything else, every physics formula, all engineering empirical formulas work with around three decimal place accuracy. Gödel proved that it will always be possible that unknown truths exist outside of human knowledge. Nothing is absolute. Before calculators there were slide rules which required estimating the power of 10. This prevented a lot of mistakes. The term calculator actually referred to a person not a machine. Hundreds of human calculators were employed during WWII. Calculations were split up into small tasks that could be checked. It was not a solitary job. A majority were women. Today there are competitions and training software. There are books and wiki pages written about how to do this. There are tricks such as .. when multplying by 9, subtract one from the other number and then subtract it from 9. So 9*7 ... 7-1=6 .. 9-6 = 3 ... answer 63 or instead of 9*7 round up to 10*7 then subtract a 7: (70-7= 63). Introduction (4 minute audio) from the podcast Engines of our ingenuity.

7 hours

118,000 ₹

Is learning General Engineering hard?

In the field of General Engineering learning from a live instructor-led and hand-on training courses would make a big difference as compared with watching a video learning materials. Participants must maintain focus and interact with the trainer for questions and concerns. In Qwikcourse, trainers and participants uses DaDesktop , a cloud desktop environment designed for instructors and students who wish to carry out interactive, hands-on training from distant physical locations.

Is General Engineering a good field?

For now, there are tremendous work opportunities for various IT fields. Most of the courses in General Engineering is a great source of IT learning with hands-on training and experience which could be a great contribution to your portfolio.

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