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What is Business Stakeholder Analysis?

Stakeholder Analysis is the activity of: 1) identifying key parties (stakeholders) who may be affected by a proposed initiative/project or those who share a common business need; 2) identifying and managing the stakeholder needs; and 3) determining stakeholder influence and/or authority regarding the approval of project deliverables.

Stakeholder analysis is performed to develop cooperation between the stakeholder and the project team and, assure successful outcomes for the project.

This course will provide further discussion and recommendations regarding successful stakeholder analysis.


1    Content
    1.1    What is a Stakeholder?
    1.2    Stakeholder Responsibilities
    1.3    Activities
    1.4    Benefits
    1.5    Stakeholder Analysis Techniques
        1.5.1    Brainstorming
        1.5.2    Interviews
        1.5.3    Requirements Workshops
        1.5.4    Use Cases
        1.5.5    User Stories
        1.5.6    Survey/Questionnaire
    1.6    References

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