Documenting and Managing Requirements Course

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What is Documenting and Managing Requirements?

In this course, participants should gain an understanding of the activities that are associated with the documentation and management of project and application requirements. These activities support an organized methodology for performing Business Analysis throughout a project life cycle and enable an analyst to position an organization to manage application projects and downstream maintenance in support of organizational strategies and work processes efficiently and effectively.

Whether an analyst is involved in a project or initiative from the ground level or 'Initiation' through enhancement changes or only involved in a part of the development life cycle, information contained in this course should provide guidance for the activities involved in the requirements management process.


1    Requirements Development
    1.1    Gather/Elicit Requirements
        1.1.1    Learn How the Organization Operates
        1.1.2    Learn How to Speak the Organization's Language
        1.1.3    Plan to Capture Requirements
    1.2    Requirements Sources
        1.2.1    Business Rules
        1.2.2    Business Case/ITIR
        1.2.3    Constraints
        1.2.4    Existing Applications
        1.2.5    Business Users/Stakeholders
    1.3    Analyze Requirements
        1.3.1    Categorization
        1.3.2    Dependencies
        1.3.3    Impact and Feasibility Analysis
2    Requirements Management
    2.1    Capture Requirements
    2.2    Verify Requirements
    2.3    Manage Change
    2.4    Trace Requirements
    2.5    Communications
        2.5.1    Appropriate to the Recipient
        2.5.2    Requirements Artifacts
        2.5.3    Requirement Information Delivery
        2.5.4    Communicate Requirement Changes
3    Application of Material Provided in this Course

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